Paint Defects

Are common on a vehicles paintwork which can be caused by improper contact to paint surface but its not a disastrous thing as in most cases we can’t help it. In most forms of light a vehicle may have paint defects that can range from…

  • Light/ heavy scratches
  • Swirl marks
  • Holograms
  • Weathering
  • Sanding marks
  • Bodyshop painting defects
  • Approved vehicle body work repairs

Should you have any of these concerns or more with your vehicle we at D.B. Detailing are professionally capable of permanently removing or preserving these defects successfully through our paint correction services.

This is achieved by thoroughly decontaminating the paintwork in the detailed washing process with the use of a clay bar depending on the condition of the vehicle to fully complete the decontamination. A paint depth gauge is used when necessary to measure the amount of paint (in microns) over all areas of the vehicles surface. This process helps us and the customer understand the current condition and the history of the paint and allows us to decide the kind of paint correction stages needed to achieve the expected results safely and accurately.

The before and after images below some of the common defects we have corrected/ preserved in our past projects.

Before and after images from the paint correction stages of our past projects…