Have you ever wanted your vehicle to have that long lasting reflective gloss that repels water from a multi year protection? With the most exclusive products, professional automotive experience, knowledge, techniques, equipment and attention to detail from former professional county cricketer ‘David Burton’, may I introduce to you D.B. Detailing.

Based in London, D.B. Detailing provides a bespoke and flexible mobile detailing service for London, Surrey, Middlesex, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and extended areas around the UK.

From a thorough inspection of your vehicles paintwork to a key method of ’decontaminating ’ to the vehicles bodywork, combined with the highly skilled safe process of paint correction, covering various removals such as swirl marks, holograms, marring, light and deep scratches. The reflective depth of your vehicles paint is guaranteed to maintain its gloss and clarity from a multiple of washes should your vehicle be protected with the short term durability of a high quality wax or the more durable multi year ceramic coating to ensure a long lasting clarity & protection.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – D.B. Detailing is still operating as normal and is following the NHS guidelines to safeguard ourselves to ensure there’s no risk to our customers during these awkward times. We will operate a no human to human contact with all our services vehicle interior and exterior contract points and keys will be safely sanitised that doesn’t reduce your existing finish/ protection.

Government legislation on ‘Restrictions on movement’ 2 (f) “To travel for purposes of work or to provide voluntary or charitable services which is not reasonably possible for that person to work, or provide those services from the place where they are living;”

Our inspections/ enquires/ estimates can be done by video calling/ video messaging/ photos/ voice calls & text messaging should you want to identify your concerns with your vehicle in detail. I will be the only person working on your vehicle and handling your keys from start to finish of our project as a safe commitment to ensure your vehicle maintains a fully disinfected surface right to the hand over at the end of the project. For the safety and security of your vehicle all work will only be in sheltered environments so it is safer and easier to comply with the NHS guidelines in detailing your vehicle should you require a mobile service. 

If you intend to use your vehicle during the isolation period and want to have a bacteria  free surface with a few months protection that will allow you to maintain disinfecting your contact points with ease upon every use, then please contact us to arrange a booking.

Many results for your vehicle are achieved through a variety of optional services available with D.B. Detailing such as….

  • Gtechniq Accredited Detailer
  •         Paint Correction/ Enhancement
  • Leather Upholstery Repair/ Colonising & Deep Steam Cleaning
  • Steering Wheel/ Interior Re-Trim
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)
  • Gtechniq/ Gyeon Ceramic Coating Application (1 – 9 Years Protection)
  • Window Tinting
  • Full Interior leather/ Dash/ Fabric Protection & Steam cleaning
  • Mobile Detailing Services
  • Fabric Hood Re-Dying
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment/Alloy Wheel Colour Changes (Diamond Face Inserts/ Wheels/ Brake Calipers)
  • Automotive Minor/ Major/ Accidental, Paint Repairs/ Re-sprays
  • Exterior Dent Repairs
  • Engine Bay/ Vehicle Undercarriage Detailing
  • Automotive Vehicle Management