Price List

D.B. Detailed Wash  – from £80.00 (3 Hours)

Most damage to vehicles paintwork can be done from poor quality product/ equipment/ washing  methods. The D.B. Detailed Wash uses a huge range of pH neutral cleaning products & pre wash methods to ensure dirt is safely removed from your vehicles adding no scratches to vehicle should it be old or new /protected or unprotected. All surfaces are sealed with a repelling spray sealant that will protect and assist existing protection to the vehicle for a few washes.

  • Alloys cleaned with a pH neutral wheel cleaner/ degreaser
  • Wheel arches, door shuts and wheels cleaned with citrus degreaser
  • Vehicle is pre rinsed with a ‘Snow Foam’, that safely loosens surface dirt
  • Paintwork and windows are washed with a pH neutral shampoo wash using microfibre wash mitt
  • Vehicle dried with a ‘Deep pile’ microfibre towel and all excess water is air blown
  • Interior seats and trim are cleaned and vacuumed and wiped with a leather cleaner
  • Exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned and protected
  • Paintwork and wheels are maintained with a the latest water beading spray sealant to provide a bit of protection or compliment the existing protection on your vehicle
  • Tyres are dressed with a ‘satin’ gel to ensure depth and tyre writing is visible

This is the recommended steps to cleanse or maintain a your detailed vehicle.

D.B. Mini Detail – £250.00 (7 Hours)

Is your vehicle looking dull/ faded?  How about the Mini Detail this service begins to move the vehicle to a showroom fresh condition that cleanses the paint and surfaces of the original state of the vehicle. The service features the famous ’Clay Bar’ lifting contaminants sitting on the paintwork that not even a washing process can remove to add smoothness to the surface. The exterior paintwork is machined polished  with a 1 step correction compound that contains a bit of cut to cleanse the paint surface of fine defects, remove any holograms and reveal a high gloss finish. The interior seats (cloth/ leather)/ alloys and exhaust tips are cleaned and protected. Our most durable high quality wax is applied to the paintwork to ensure you enjoy your vehicles clarity even after numerous washes.

The same as the D.B. Luxury Detailed Wash & Clean but with the additional…

  • Clay Bar process, creating a smooth reflective surface
  • Interior, Leather and Fabric are cleaned (fabric de-odourised) and protected
  • Convertible fabric roof is thoroughly cleaned and protected with a weatherproof sealant
  • Exterior glass and paintwork is machine polished with a 1 stage compound and pad to refine and cleanse your exterior paint surfaces

Exterior paintwork and wheels are protected with our exclusive high quality wax that lasts up to 6 – 8 months protection. (The D.B. Maintenance Wash Program guarantees durability of your protection applied should you not safely maintain your vehicle).


D.B. Paint Preservation Detail – from £360.00 (1 – 2 Days service)

Most new cars look good when purchased but they lack the protection a new car should also have. D.B. Paint Preservation Detail  begins to preserve the vehicles paint and restore the vehicle towards a factory finish through a 2 stage paint correction process that removes light defects such as light swirl marks and scratches by various machine and cutting pad combination. Once completed the exterior paintwork is protected with a wax/ durable sealant to ensure the clarity and gloss on your vehicle can last up to 6 – 8 months.

The same as the D.B. Mini Detail but with the additional…

  • Paintwork receives a 2 stage  paint correction process (cleansing the paint and removing light defects)
  • Leather upholstery is cleaned with a soft brush then a conditioner is applied to restore the suppleness of the leather
  • 2 layers of our high quality wax is applied to vehicles exterior paintwork and 1 layer to the face of the wheels giving up to 6 – 8 months of protection. (The D.B. Maintenance Wash Program guarantees durability of your protection applied.)
  • (Optional) Gtechniq Ceramic coating can be applied to all surfaces should you want long lasting water beading protection from 1-9 years. (The D.B. Maintenance Wash Program guarantees durability of your protection applied.)

D.B. Paint Correction Detail – from £850.00 (3 – 4 Days service)

This refines the clarity of a vehicles reflection from s thorough detail spending more time on the exterior paintwork through a 3 stage paint correction process to ensure total removal of light scratches, swirl marks, micro marring and further preservation of deeper scratches.  The exterior paint surface also receives Gtechniq Exo v4 ceramic coating lasting up to 2 years for a durable protection.

  • D.B. Detailed Wash
  • Engine Bay is safely washed, cleaned and dressed
  • Fabric roof is cleaned, brushed and treated with durable a weatherproof sealant
  • Vehicle is inspected to ensure correct amount of attention to focused areas are noted
  • 3 stage paint correction process refines the paintwork to 85% correction
  • A glaze is applied to paintwork to increase the gloss levels
  • Wheels are removed, cleaned and protected with a Gtechniq C5 ceramic coating  for the wheels for modern vehicles and a high temperature wax for classic vehicles (both lasts up to 1 year)
  • Number plates are removed and replaced if necessary
  • Exterior glass are protected with a Gtechniq G1 glass protection (lasts upto 2 years/ 36k miles)

D.B. Detail – £ POA (5+ Days service) depending on size and make

This service restores a vehicle to a concours show condition. The D.B. Detail is devoted to the ultimate perfection of vehicles paintwork. A lot of time is spent fully correcting the vehicles paintwork to create an immaculate mirror perfect reflection in any light. Multiple layers of a show car polish and glaze  are applied to the paintwork and then protected with Gtechniq’s flagship Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating. The engine bay and under body of the vehicle is cleaned and treated with a trim sealant and durable high temperature coating, restoring its colour for up to 1 year.

  • Full decontaminated D.B. Detailed wash with use of iron fallout remover and various degreasers
  • Engine Bay Detail is cleaned and cleaned and treated with a high temperature wax/ dressing
  • Vehicle is inspected to ensure correct amount of attention to focused areas are noted
  • 4 stages of the ‘full’ paint correction process is extended (wetsanding localised areas if necessary )
  • Vehicles underbody is cleaned and all plastics underneath and in the wheel arches are protected with a nano ceramic trim coating (only at elite car care studio)
  • Wheels are removed, cleaned and protected with a Gtechniq ceramic coating on modern vehicles and a high temperature wax on classic vehicles (lasts up to 1 year)
  • Multiple layers of show car polish, glaze and wax are applied to vehicles paintwork for classic/ concours vehicles
  • The Vehicle is protected with Gtechniq’s flagship Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating (lasts up to 9 years)
  • Windows are protected  with Gtechniq G1 ceramic coating (lasts up to 2 years/ 30k miles)
  • Interior is fully wet vacuumed and steam cleaned
  • All interior leather, dash, alcantara and fabric are protected with the full range of Gtechniq interior products (L1/I1/I2/C6) giving up to 1 years protection

D.B. Maintenance Wash Program – £ POA (PDF available)

Once you have received a one of our detailed services the maintenance required to your beautiful pride and joy is very important to enjoying every mile of your vehicle. The next task is to maintain the vehicle to ensure that the clarity and condition of the car lasts after every wash. This is a very crucial stage as most vehicles swirl marks and light scratches are caused from this process if it is not done thoroughly, carefully and safely with the allowance of us to look after your vehicle even more exclusively.

  • All features of a D.B. Detailed Wash
  • Vehicles paintwork protection is topped up with a ceramic coating/ wax spray sealants
  • Glass, Interior and wheel protections are topped up with a durable range of suitable top up products
  • Spot correction from 2-4 panels included depending on what protection is on paint surface

Interior Care/ Deep Clean – £60.00 – £200.00 (3 Hours – 1 Day service)

A comprehensive interior detail covering everything from cleaning, re-conditioning your leather / cloth seats to washing the entire interior. The car will reach show condition by freeing the car from settled dust in crevices & vents using specialist brushes, cloths and a 21 stage cleaning process.

Gtechniq G1 Glass Sealant – £60.00 (6 Hours)/ £30.00 if added to a detail

The Glass Sealant acts as a permanent glass polish to your exterior windows and windscreen, lasting up to 2 years and prolonging the life of windscreen wipers, blades and window seals. This is achieved through a meticulous washing, cleaning, claying and polishing process. Not only is the glass perfectly clear but rain water now beads off effortlessly and prolongs the life of your wiper blades.

Engine and Bay Detail – £250.00 (1 Day service)

For the pure enthusiast and perfectionist to whom showroom condition is not pristine enough, ‘Show’ condition is the next step forward by relieving every component in the engine from dirt or dust. The Engine and Bay Detail entails covering important electrical parts and plugs before deeply and thoroughly de-greasing with a wide variety of brushes fitting near impossible to reach areas, the de-greasing is followed by a gentle rinse and then the process is repeated until perfect results are achieved. Finally, exposed areas are treated to avoid unnecessary build up of dirt in the future.

Fabric Hood Restoration – £250.00 (1 Day service)

Many beautiful convertibles with perfectly conditioned bodywork are let down by the fabric roof as they begin to fade with time and lose their original deep colour or worse develop mould. The ‘Fabric Hood Restoration’ restores the roof to the original condition and can last for as long as the roof is safely maintained. This is achieved through a deep cleaning & steam cleaning of the roof , then re-dying your fabric roof its exact colour / colour change with drying time allowed in between layers) to cover all areas and ensure the roof regains its original/ required look.

Paintless Dent Removal – from £80.00 per panel (Dependant on size, location on vehicle and number of dents)

Many small minor dents on a car can be very costly to repair and will significantly detract from a car’s perfect finish. Now with our paintless dent removal S.M.A.R.T repair service we have the solution for massaging out those dents using specialised equipment in a matter of minutes to ensure the dent is untraceable.

Stone Chips / Bumper Scuff/ Scratch Repair – From £70.00 ( Dependant on size/ panels and type of repair)

Everyday driving, be it in town, on country roads or motorways exposes the bodywork to debris flicked up from cars in front. This commonly results in stone chips or worse, light scratches that can ruin a new or well looked after car.

The Stone Chip/ Bumper Scuff/ Scratch Repair restore’s the car’s pristine look by filling chips and scratches and matching the paint specifically to your car’s colour.

Crash/Accidental Paint repair – from £280.00 per panel ( Dependant on location of damage)

When we take our vehicles to the roads we are unsure what dangers we may end up escaping or involving in a minor/ major accident resulting in damage(s) to your vehicle. Should you be involved in a accident and require a thorough repair of your vehicle back to a factory finish and re-protected with any previous protection to your surface. We are able to provide quotations to you or your insurer to allow peace of mind that your vehicle will be successfully repaired.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – From £80.00 per Wheel (Dependant on size/ type of alloy finish)

The alloy wheel refurbishment service covers all types of rims from multi spoke, diamond cut to split rims.

Any damage is repaired, such as corrosion, scuffs and scratches. The wheels are re-painted, polished and sealed (optional extra), returning them to their former glory or changing the look with a different colour if desired.

Alloygator Wheel Protection (4 wheels) –£150.00 (from 13″ to 21″ inch Alloys)

Whether your alloy wheels have been refurbished/ carefully looked after or brand new. The Alloygator is the best discreet prevention you can get to ensure they stay in that condition. available in 11 colours to match your alloys or create a style around your rim, a very hard durable plastic ridge that sits over the edge of your alloy wheels face can restrict you from any further damage to the face of your wheels. Alloygators are very easy to fit from our recommended fitters and are very easy to re-seat back in place should you need to replace your tyres.