What is automotive detailing to us?

automotive detailing is an in depth method of cleaning, preserving, correcting paint defects and protecting all visible areas and components of a car. D.B. Detailing will attend to all exterior, interior, wheels, engine bay and even the undercarriage to where ever our hands/ tools can reach or fit to ensure we are covering every area possible within our safety. Detailing incorporates various specialist techniques & skills aimed at taking a vehicle as close to its factory finish or beyond.


Why D.B. Detailing?

David the lead detailer is passionate about detailing a vehicle to the best level within any budget. He is realistic, so whatever your vision or concern is with your vehicle David will give you his honest realistic options with a great deal of knowledge to his customer’s request so they are fully aware of all of their choices.  He holds no secrets so whatever you would like to know he will answer and share information as he likes his customers developing a better relationship with their vehicles so he will encourage you to maintain your vehicle when you can and help you with your questions any time of day or week. Our customer service makes you feel valued and welcomed and he treats your vehicle and needs like a member of his community so he is for you every step of the way regardless.

D.B. Detailing has detailed vehicles that have  been prepared  for shows and he has the experience of vehicles that have won awards at shows and vehicles that have been sold in the famous ‘Sotheby’s RM Auctions’ ,which provides peace of mind to you that your vehicle of any age or condition is left in the best safest hands.

D.B. Detailing is also a authorised ‘Gtechniq’ accredited detailer, which gives you confidence & guarantee that your ceramic coating is fully approved to apply all their consumer and flagship coatings to guarantee the manufacturers performance & durability. So yes flagship coatings like ‘Crystal Serum Ultra’ or other brands equivalent can be safely applied by us.


What is the difference between Paint Correction/ Paint Preservation Detail to my paintwork?

Paint Preservation Detail targets the removal of light defects such as swirl marks, light scratches, marring and holograms through a 2 stage paint correction process. The first stage is a coarse compound and pad with a heavy cut that will break remove the defect through a multiple of attempts per panel. The second stage is is a moderate compound and light cut pad that refines the panels clarity removing any hazing, holograms or improvements to the defects that reveals the corrected clarity. some deeper defects remain however through this process that are improved to a point they are less visible than due to to the levelling of the lacquer  in the correction process.

A Paint Correction Detail will have a third cutting stage that may slot between the first and second stages of a Paint Preservation Detail to allow the first stage to be even more aggressive as there are more stages to refine the paint to its improved finish. This is how the major defects are further improved or removed as levelling the lacquer is what our process is correcting to perfect the paint surface to every guarantee a flawless finish.

Both services have a polishing stage to maximise the gloss of the finish and clarity with a protection process to follow afterwards.


Why should I get my vehicle detailed?

Automotive vehicles are generally one of our biggest expenses and investments when purchasing and with a great deal of money spent on ensuring you can travel safely to your taste it only makes sense to restore/ maintain/ preserve or protect your vehicle. Detailing is your only answer, we can detail the vehicle and protect it suited to your budget and from there you have the ease of just maintaining the vehicle through safe washes of your preference so your on the road enjoying every mile spent more.

Think of how much it would cost to re-spray your entire paintwork. The cost of having your vehicle detailed is only a fraction of that cost and all of our services include the interior too.

You can even stretch the attention to inside of the engine bay, underneath of the vehicle and even add a durable ‘ceramic coating/ paint protection film (PPF)’ to guarantee the perfection of your vehicle from a minimum of 2 years/PPF 5 to 10 years.


I have a new vehicle does that still need to be detailed?

Even though your vehicle may have delivery miles or newly purchased within the registered year chances are in production, transportation or even pre delivery/ showroom prep the vehicle may have some defects from any of those processes on its paint surface that will require a paint preservation detail process to cleanse the paint surfaces of defects and guarantee the finish to ensure you have a vehicle that reflects its factory condition the way its suppose to be. More than likely in all cases the vehicles paint will need to be corrected/ refined to all for the more durable ceramic coating to be applied.


What wax will be used to protect my vehicles paintwork?

At D.B. Detailing we use the famous Dodo Juice/ Swissvax/ Collinite/ Zymol ‘Carnauba Wax’ depending on the the vehicle or customers preference. Grown from the Copernicia Prunifera plants in the North East Brazil. The technology in car waxes has improved a lot, although their durability can not match the ceramic coatings they are easier to apply and layer and they clarity they give instantly is phenomenal hence why they are still favoured amongst many owners of classic cars and a pick for when preparing cars at shows.

Wax has the water beading properties of ceramic coatings and yes you can use spray sealants/ wet coats that are universal to ceramic coated vehicles to ensure that extra layer of protection/ slickness to your paint once applied can last you for its recommended durability.


Ceramic coating/ Wax protection?

This question is very common and has many views from many of the detailing world. Before you select what to protect your vehicles paintwork with you need to ask yourself, where is my vehicle being stored overnight? how often will I be using/ keeping the vehicle for? This helps decided what type of protection you may need to protect your vehicle with.

We know a wax protected vehicle lasts an average of 4-12 months and ceramic coating protection has a durability of 1-9 years. Ceramic coating is a more permanent protection as this can only be removed by polishing or wet sanding, this allows the ease of maintaining your vehicle thorough safe methods of washing and  maintenance spray sealants like you would do with a wax protected vehicle but longer durability so less re-application.

So whether you own a vehicle and use it all year round , weekend, summer or dry days or daily you can protect your vehicle with a durable ceramic coating or wax both options repel water and dirt very well and  don’t distort the paint finish. So even though ceramic coating is modern its technology can be applied on all paint surfaces. However most classic vehicles regardless their condition are stored in a fairly protective way due to their age and therefore wax is suitable as some may still have it s factory single stage cellulose paint where wax is ideal to protect those paint finishes.


Ceramic coating/ Graphene coating?

Its exciting to know that graphene coatings have now hit the market and offer better scratch resistance than ceramic coatings as its a thicker more durable layer on a vehicles paint. But it is in its very early stages and scientifically not as good as the flagship ceramic coatings offered by Gtechniq, Gyeon and many more. So while manufacturers continue to develop those coatings its safe to say ceramic coatings have all the bases and benefits covered over graphene coatings at the moment.


Do you do Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Yes, D.B. Detailing can take the protection of your vehicle to another level with ppf. The film carries a 5 – 10 year warranty and can be applied to any vehicle to resist the daily defects we may encounter when using our vehicles that are not crash related. The film is clear so it doesn’t distort the clarity or shade of your vehicles paint and the adhesive used to bond the film to your panel is safe and doesn’t strip paint when removing the film. The film is also self healing so the film is advanced enough to maintain a defect free clarity from light scratches.

Paint Protection Film is more durable than ceramic coating as its protects the exterior surfaces and its a great way if you have a vehicle thats has been resprayed, new or in very good condition that you wanted to preserve its factory paint or finish as this helps towards the value of your vehicle and enjoyment should you want to maintain keeping a vehicle as new as possible.


I’ve got a vehicle with Matte paint/ paint protection film. Can i still protect these surfaces with a ceramic coating?

I feel that these surfaces are high maintenance and can be victims of stubborn stains from bird grime/ dead bugs if not removed quickly which can be difficult if they are not protected and maintained with top up products to keep their surfaces clean and durable.

Both surfaces can be protected with Gtechniq Halo or equivalent form other manufacturers their newest coating released aimed to protect exactly these surfaces which doesn’t reduce the self healing properties on some paint protection films, should your vehicle have any of these finishes please get in contact with us as soon as possible to ensure you don’t experience any stubborn defects on your finish.


How far will D.B. Detailing travel detail your vehicle?

D.B. Detailing will travel anywhere in the UK so please don’t be afraid to enquire.
We regularly cover all areas in London and around the M25 and Greater London as well as…

  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Middlesex
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • Hampshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Basically anywhere even if your area is not listed here!

Should you be based outside of these locations or the UK, D.B. Detailing is happy to offer all services to you and will discuss meeting your needs to ensure your vehicle is safely looked after.


 Where can I bring my car to be detailed/ inspected?

You can bring your car to the Elite Car Care Studio in Bourne End 20 minutes from Heathrow Airport J3 off the M40/ Sextons London, Wandsworth/ The Place, Oval/ Private London Location, Chelsea. David can personally travel to inspect your vehicle at a location of your choice.

we can use the ‘Elite Car Care/ Sextons London/ The Place/ Private London location as its work base or an alternative location of your choice. We will come to you should that be more easier if you have a sheltered facility (for multi stage detail services), running outdoor tap and electrical socket (for washes) to ensure your vehicle is well looked after at your comforts.

All locations have all the shelter and security to ensure that your vehicle is safely secured 24 hours a day and should you have a vehicle that requires some discretion all our places of operation can accommodate fully for those requirements.


 Can David collect and deliver my car as I will be busy?

David can arrange a car collection personally/ delivery service by a specialist automotive transportation company at an additional cost.


Can D.B. Detailing detail my car at a dealership/ Independent garage before collection?

Yes David is happy to liaise with the relevant garages and has full liability insurance to work on their premises as long as there is running water, electricity and sheltered space to ensure the maximum results of our services are achieved.  


D.B. Detailing promise to its customers for 2022/23?

“With the cost of living increasing we understand that you as a customer and your vehicles are important to us. So we are freezing our prices for 2022 & 2023 and aim to still provide our high quality services so you are able to still have your vehicle successfully detailed within your budget”.



If the need to cancel should arise, D.B. Detailing requires at least 24 hours notice or an £100 cancellation fee will be incurred