D.B. Detailing has been around for 17 years and thrives on the passion of transforming any automotive vehicle whether it be used daily or is a classic/ supercar/ exotic or rare and exclusive. We have the skill and ability to transform your vehicle into one of the best examples that you the owner can enjoy use, enjoy and maintain. With the experience and knowledge of master detailer David Burton the levels of what your automotive vehicle can achieve is endless, rewarding and enjoyable.

We have always strived to achieve an unparalleled clean and consistent daily finish, as with all my endeavours this is always undertaken with full commitment. Every vehicle regardless the service is a a project and we aim to achieve the maximum results from the professional and safety methods combined.

We spend a lot of time updating our product knowledge, equipment and experiences to maintain producing  an outstanding high class level of results to the vehicles we detail. As newer tools, machines, methods and products are developed we adapt where is necessary, to ensure we are increasing our level of results and still maintain a level of efficiency to guarantee an approved finish to all of the automotive vehicles. So with all of these qualities combined you are fully aware of the decisions to what services may suit your vehicle and budget.

D.B. Detailing has worked with well known automotive businesses such as RM Sotheby’s, Sextons London, Kahn Designs, Coy’s and Auto Vivendi. These companies have not only allowed me access to work on some on the most rarest/ newest cars in the world but they have furthered my knowledge on how to achieve the best finish so we can meet all demands of your enquiries.

We’re very realistic as to what a vehicle needs based on how its stored and used. So rest assured the advice we give you is a true honest vision if it was my own personal vehicle should you be in doubt of your choices. D.B. Detailing is a authorised accredited detailer of all ‘Gtechniq’ professionally applied products.